A dedicated DHCP server is scalable and relatively easy to manage, but can be costly to have one at every location in a network. However, a Cisco router can be configured to provide DHCP services without the need for a dedicated server. Cisco routers use the Cisco IOS feature set, Easy IP, as an optional, full-featured DHCP server. Easy IP leases configurations for 24 hours by default. As the network technician for your company, you are tasked with configuring a Cisco router as a DHCP server to provide dynamic allocation of addresses to clients on the network. You are also required to configure the edge router as a DHCP client so that it receives an IP address from the ISP network.

Packet Tracer - Configuring DHCPv4 Using Cisco IOS Instructions

Packet Tracer - Configuring DHCPv4 Using Cisco IOS - PKA